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Diminished Value Recoverable In Ohio - top stories summary
Diminished Value Recoverable in Ohio - July 24, 2007 Opinion

In Rakich v. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, 10th Dist. No. 06AP-1067, 2007-Ohio-3739 the 10th District Court of Appeals held, in a 3-0 decision, that Plaintiffs may recover for the diminished value to their car after repair.

The Rakich Court noted that the traditional measure of property damage was either the cost of repair or the difference in value between the time immediately before and after the damage, but not both. Rakich argued that while she had been compensated for the cost of repairs, she still had not been made whole. The Court's ruling followed the common-sense argument that a wrecked-and-repaired car is not worth as much as a car that has never been wrecked, and held that this difference in market value is a compensable damage. The Rakich Court found that allowing recovery for diminished value was consistent with the standard measure of damages in a tort case: the amount which makes the plaintiff whole. Therefore, the Court permitted Rakich to recover for diminished value if she could show that the repairs were insufficient to restore her car to its pre-crash value.

Court Gives OK to Argue for Vehicle's Diminished Value After an Accident
Business First of Columbus / August 10, 2007
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Columbus Dispatch / August 17, 2007
Ruling Could Mean More Insurance Money for Those in Car Accidents
Ohio.Com, official website of the Akron Beacon Journal / August 25, 2007


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Ohio Insurers Continue to Recommend Unregistered Body Shops
Despite the creation of the Ohio Board of Motor Vehicle Collision Repair Registration which was instituted for the protection of Ohio motorist, most insurers in Ohio continue to recommend illegally-operating unregistered collision repair shops to their claimants and insureds who need auto body repairs following accidents. Attorney Erica Eversman challenged the DOI on two separate occasions about insurers' actions in this regard to no avail. Eversman asserts that the DOI's inaction is the result of it consistently taking the position that it has no jurisdiction to prohibit insurance companies from using unregistered collision repair businesses in their DRP's or has no responsibility to prevent insurers from recommending illegally operating repair facilities to consumers.

Consumer help page coming soon where consumers can learn about diminished value and safe auto repairs
Take control of your auto insurance claim and get paid fairly!
Tired of getting pushed around by unethical insurance company adjusters? You don't have to go it alone. Get facts you need to intellegently state your case and assert your claims. You'll find tools to assist you, right here! Begin with these informative articles.

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Property Casualty Insurance 2008: - This report by the Consumer Federation of America is a must read. It affirms what many already suspect - that insurance is overpriced and claims are underpaid, allowing insurance companies to reap unjustified profits and hide billions more by padding reserves and excessive overcapitalization.

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Consumers need help countering insurer intimidation
Attorney Patrick McGuire, states, "Insurers are illegally trying to control the cost of repairs by steering consumers to particular body shops, while at the same time, trying to distance themselves from any liability associated with negligent repairs." Find resources here to help you understand the tactics they employ so you can better protect your clients.
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Sagging profits have body shops looking for new direction
A growing number of body shops feel pressure to perform auto collision repairs at low profit margins to appease unethical insurance companies and remain on their referral programs. Tired of the ratrace? If you are a shop owner looking for higher profits and a better way to do business, we?re here to help you.
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Examining Direct Repair Contracts

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Dealership service success hinges on finding good techs

The potential is near for an upsurge in dealer service business due to the increasing complexity of repairs on newer cars, and the difficulty independent repair shops have in obtaining technical reference material in a cost effective manner. Can your dealership's service facilities produce high quality work consistently while managing the expectations of a growing customer based filled with increasingly skeptical consumers?
BrandingWire: The Seven Deadly Marketing Sins of Auto Dealers
Hours Per Repair Order - a Tragically Flawed Measurement
Independent Mechanics Confronting Rising Costs

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